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. . . . crime scene cleanup company owners know that swindling has no justification." Eddie Evans

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Crime scene cleaners cleanup of blood, death, and suicides involves powerful biohazard odors. These odors have no danger to human beings, regarless of some crime scene cleanup company propagandists. They lie about crime scene cleanup and death, blood's odors to foster more business. "It's dangerous," many have said over the years.

Although death cleanup really comes down to a biohazard cleanup, those of use in the crime scene cleanup business use this more "Hollywood" phrase for marketing.

If it were true, that a biohazard cleanup's odors were "dangerous," you would not, could not be reading these words; for, the I would have succumbed to death, blood's odors some 14 years into my crime scene cleanup practice. My crime scene cleanup practice began in Vietnam, incidentally. Some 50 years ago I began my crime scene cleanup practice as a blood cleanup private in our United States Army, 173rd Airborne Infantry (Separate).

I don't know if I'm boasting or displaying my shame when writing this information, incidentally. It's one of those points in life that apparently never becomes clear, at least not in 50 years time. You can read more about it by using California_Crime_Scene_Cleanup_Cleanup_Bing_Button.gif California_Crime_Scene_Cleanup_YAHOO!_Button.gif to search for my crime scene cleanup book, a work in dire need of content and editing. One can only do so much in this lifetime; more, I suppose one can do only so much time before our United States Sheriffs lynch me for spilling the beans. This means that our County Sheriffs' Departments around this great country shield their corrup coroner (medical examiner) employees from predatory cronyism with swindling crime scene cleanup companies.








 This web site offers crime scene cleanup information as it relates to county coroner (medical examiner) corruption. Included here, you'll find information related to blood cleanup, death cleanup, suicide cleanup, and more.

Compared to my crime scene cleanup writing, I have written about crime scene cleaners this day. Most special, the crime scene cleaner's life in a crime scene cleanup business in the free enterprise blood cleanup market. For this last crime scene writing, free enterprise does not receive much attention.

Blood Cleanup

Death Cleanup

Suicide Cleanup





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Alabama Arizona Arkansas and midway through my crime scene cleaner carrier in these United States, I drove from my Cypress, California home to Maryland. There, I kept a rented space on a small farmer's lot. I left my crime scene cleaner vehicle and returned as needed to cleanup after homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and decompositions in the following states:

  • Colorado - blood cleanup, suicide cleanup
  • Georgia - homicide
  • Illinois - suicide, decomposition
  • Kansas - suicide cleanup
  • New York - suicide, homicides
  • Virginia - suicides
  • United States District of Columbia (6th Street) homicides
  • West Virgin - suicide


I reached Louisiana for Batenrouge and New Orleans unattended deaths with decomposition cleanup. Since those cleanups I've surmised that the local medical examiners and, or the Insurance industry decided that they would corner the crime scene cleaner free enterprise profits. Someone did; that's for certain. I've not been back to Georgia since, even though I managed to keep top positions for organic web sites for year. No longer do I seek such rankings because of expense and time constraints. Blood cleanup, suicide, cleanup, and unattended deaths with decomposition cleanup no longer play a role in my business exploits. My adversary, nascent fascism, seized my free enterprise for itself.

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Recalling Eastern Crime Scene Cleaner Adventures

I may have reached these other states from my farm's parking lot. I've forgotten it's been so many years; plus, my mind has lost its youthful agility and elasticity to momentary escapades into lucid cognition. I cannot, then, reproduce a full discription of most of my milti-state escapades into the rhealm of crime scene cleaner's free enterprise's fadding moments, like a species going extinct. I have no regrets; to regret the loss of free enterprise anywhere in the world for any one business venture misses the entire picture of today's global warming crime scene cleaner. Such a cleanup requires centuries of human struggle against more than fleas, mice, lice, and capital's mighty power to sting our planter again, again, and again.

In Agusta, Georgia I arrived for a homicide cleanup. Interestingly, the insurance company thought that I charged too much, but did not come right out and say so. Their charges reflected a biohazard cleanup by a single crime scene cleaner in a single day. I understand their chagrin.

I once drove from my home in Cypress, California to Maryland for a biohazard cleanup job. On the way I picked up biohazard cleanup work in Colorado. There, I cleaned two police cars soiled with blood from a domestic dispute between husband and wife; both were battered by traumatic injuries to their faces, skulls, and arms. I learned that I would never clean another vehicle in freezing weather because my claming solutions froze during blood cleanup. Cleaning in Los Angeles County is much easier. Child abuse in toilet behavior escalates with poor parenting skills.






Continues on biohazard cleanup writing. I've just added a Los Angeles County shit cleanup page. Here's some Orange County suicide cleanup information page. See this feces cleanup page for exiting poop cleanup information.

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   swindling crime scene cleaners - There's some ambiguation in this clause, swindling crime scene cleaners.

You must wonder, do I mean, crime scene cleaners in the swindling business"? Or, do I mean "crime scene cleaners swindeled by their biohazard cleanup company bosses?".

I mean both. Neither does anyone any good in our United States, but for a very select number of civil servants and crony biohazard cleanup companies.

Swindling means to cheat others when used as a verb or a noun. As a verb, we use swindling in the context of crome scene cleanup to mean the following: to cheat families (the verb cheats' object) victimized by homicide, suicide, and, or, struck by a decomposition in their home. We may include swindle used without an object as a verb, in which case, we say, "swindled," "swindling." The Sheriff's department has swindling employees brokering biohazard cleanup for biohazard cleanup companies.

I neglect the use of swindling without an object in the case of cleaning employees: in the case of crime scene cleaners theirselves, crime scene cleanup' bosses know that swindling has no justification. Then, Swindling crime sene cleaners has no justification. (return)

What can be done for crime scene cleaners?

Really, from what I've learned from the few crime scene cleaners that I've met in person or by telephone, there's not much that a fellow crime scene cleaner can do for the biohazard cleanup business. They seem to have low standards for the educations. As such, they remain unlikely to read what I've written about this corrupt business and our tax-paid county coroner (medical examiner) employees. I must repeat again, the offending county employees, like our crony city employees, remain a tiny fraction our county employees; most county employees do work hard, I've seen.

For some 14 years plus I worked for Orange County, California. I saw some petty theft in the probation department during my 6 years of employment there. In the Marshal's Department I helped stop employees from remaining on the clock when not present to do their job -- AWOL. These were minor offenses compared to that agains families and crime scene cleners.

Perhaps you do not think that there's an offense in "underpaying crime scene cleaners" because their too young, too inexperienced, too under-educated to deserve more. Believe me, as my last job in the City of Los Angeles proved, as a crime scene cleaner I removed while alone a gross filth carpet. Do you have any idea of what a gross filth carpet removal means? I may not conjure up the horrific scenes found in biohazard cleanup videos on YouTube, but it's horrific nonetheless. "What am I doing here?" I'm forced to ask myself.

Today, I have not sent an invoice to my client for their gross filth carpet removal; keep in mind, no blood showed up on this carpet, only human urine and poop. Poop cleanup for a crime scene cleaner means a terrible job, to say the least; yet, many make only $10, $15, or $20 per hour. Our minimum wages now reach $15 an hour, and that not for filth cleanup or blood cleanup. Crime scene cleaners do work, both my wife and I agree, worth at least $100 per hour -- at least!

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If you apply for a crime scene cleaner job in the state of Alabama, you will make much less than you would in the state of Arizona. It is easy to figure out why. Arizona's gross income exceeds that of southern states like Kentucky. This is not to say that a state like Arkansas will not offer an income for crime scene cleaners equal to that found in Pennsylvania, because some crime scene cleaners find companies with sympathetic owners for crime scene cleaners.

I would not expect a Connecticut, Delaware, Vermont, Maine crime scene cleaner to earn much. My experience over the years gives me this perception, not much else. Likewise with Florida, I cannot foresee any kind of a decent United States crime scene cleaners in the Eastern South of our country United States.

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